Company Overview

VK GRAPES LTD is a fast growing Greek company located in the picturesque island of Crete. Our island has an agricultural history dating back to 2500BC, when the Minoan Civilisation flourished and the grape cultivations commenced. Since its foundation in 2012 VK GRAPES has successfully cooperated with and provisioned grapes for most of the major importers and supermarket retailers in the UK. During the second year of its operation the company has tripled its export volume.

Fresh Delicious Grapes

To ensure that our grapes keep all their aromas and are fresh and juicy when consumed we follow a strict same-day picking and shipping procedure. The grapes are collected in the early morning hours and then are immediately packaged and shipped in order to preserve their freshness and extend the product's shelf life.

Facilities, technology & Standards

VK GRAPES has invested heavily in its facilities using the latest technology and following and abiding by all European Union specifications & quality standards. We value and even try to raise the health, hygiene and safety work standards for our employees as we strongly believe that a better work place has an immediate impact on producing a better end product.

Our model packaging unit is situated just 17km away from the city of Heraklion, right in the heart of the rich vineyards of Profitis Ilias village. The area has an average yearly production of 8.000 tons of grapes and our facilities can ship two cargoes of products daily to any destination in Europe.


Management Team

Evangelos Kounalis, General and Export Manager

VK GRAPES LTD was founded by the entrepreneur Vaggelis Kounalis who is currently serving the company as the General and Export manager. In spite of Vaggelis' young age, his experience in grape harvesting, production lines and exporting has helped the company develop at a very fast pace.

Apart from Vaggelis' grapevines of 150 acres and average annual production of 200 tons, the company is cooperating with AMKE and its approximately 100 certified grapevines to meet the growing demand.

Mob.: +306944530473
Landline: +302810200940

Central Offices

Evangelos Kounalis L.T.D.
VAT Number: 999162056

Address: Profitis Ilias Heraklion Crete Greece
Postal code: 71500
Landline: +302810200940

During this difficult time for our country we feel the urge to dynamically grow our company by collectively organising and promoting the Greek agricultural products.